Opportunities to Support


Supporting The Mandorla Project directly funds our work to explore, teach, and promote a spiritual view of dying. It also supports our independent nonprofit publishing arm, Mandorla Publications, which disseminates this wisdom in multiple forms. All donations are tax deductible.

Projects We Are Funding in 2019


In 2019, donations will support the following activities:

Free copies of Dandelions Blooming for community hospice organizations. One of the gifts of creating our own publishing imprint is the ability to donate books to those who can use it most. For every $5000 in donations, we can provide 250 free print copies to local hospice and palliative care organizations.

Production and distribution of an audiobook edition of Dandelions Blooming in the Cracks of Sidewalks, narrated by Amita Lhamo. Many potential readers of this book are hospice and home health care workers, commuters traveling in their cars, individuals unable to read due to health issues, and small groups that would like to listen and dialogue as a group. An audiobook enables readers to listen to the book and hear the stories within the tradition of oral storytelling.

Production, publication, and release of Be With.  Amita is currently writing the follow-up book to Dandelions Blooming, tentatively titled Be With: Cultivating Presence at the Bedside of the Dying. In this book, Amita explores the principles, qualities, and intimacy of spiritual presence or being with one another in dying.

Book Tour for Dandelions Blooming. This fall Amita plans to travel to multiple communities, visiting bookstores, hospice organizations, spiritual communities, and private groups. With the release of our first book, we have discovered the desire for intimate conversations about dying and spiritual presence. Amita will offer talks, book readings and discussions to invite others into the dialogue.

Research and development of a free online magazine. Our vision is to offer a publication that encourages a dialogue between spirituality and care for the dying.

Research and development for expanding the activities of Mandorla Publications. We will research the need and viability for inviting book submissions from new authors.