Mandorla Publications

On Being, Dying, and Kindness…

We developed Mandorla Publications as a means to disseminate literature, stories, wisdom teachings, and resources to support professionals, caregivers, spiritual practitioners, and the dying—at all stages of life.

Our Books

Our first book is Dandelions Blooming in the Cracks of Sidewalks:  Stories from the Bedside of the Dying, by Amita Lhamo.

After many years of offering and teaching spiritual care to the dying, Amita took her questions about spiritual presence, awareness, and dying into long term meditation retreat. Weaving her experience as a psychotherapist, hospice chaplain, spiritual care manager, and spiritual practitioner, Amita wrote this collection of stories, released in January 2019.

As a follow-up, Amita Lhamo is currently writing Be With: Cultivating Presence at the Bedside of the Dying, an exploration of the principles, qualities, and intimacies of spiritual presence or being with one another in dying.


As our publishing arm grows, we will consider new authors to expand our published titles.

We prefer titles that teach the view behind each practice, that deepen our understanding of the spiritual path, the psycho-spiritual processes of dying, and how this wisdom connects to our care for the dying.

We will also consider books that expound upon some of the world’s spiritual literature, such as the Bhagavad Gita, as they speak to death, dying, and grief, specifically expounding on practical means for applying this wisdom.

If you or someone you know is interested in contributing to Mandorla Publications’ collection of resources on providing kindness, presence, and spiritual care for the dying, you can pitch us at