The Mandorla Project is a 501 (c) organization dedicated to exploring the relationship between spirituality and care for the dying.

Death is not only an inevitable part of life, but it is also a necessary part of the spiritual path. By encouraging a dialogue between the wisdom inherent in our spiritual traditions and the heritages of our familial, communal, healing and medical traditions, we seek to cultivate wisdom that can support professionals, caregivers, spiritual practitioners, and the dying, at any stage of life.

We began our imprint, Mandorla Publications, as a means to impart such wisdom in multi-media forms. Dandelions Blooming in the Cracks of Sidewalks: Stories From Bedsides of the Dying, by Amita Lhamo will be our first offering.

Expected release for our first book is December 2018. Please check back for more information, or sign up for our newsletter for updates.