We are dedicated to exploring the relationship between spirituality and care for the dying.


We recognize that death is not only part of life but also part of the spiritual path. Regardless of our personal backgrounds, in death, each of us will face very similar questions, challenges and experiences.   This common ground creates the opportunity for us to communicate with and learn from one another.

As such, we work to explore and reveal spiritual wisdom, share individual stories, and teach spiritual tools in an accessible manner, that we may face our own deaths openly, and skillfully support our loved ones as they face theirs.


We realize our vision by presenting relevant publications, workshops and teaching materials in multi-media forms for professionals, caregivers, spiritual practitioners and the dying.

We do this by:

Building upon the work of Hospice to more fully include spirituality as part of a holistic approach to end of life care.

Relating to death as part of our spiritual experience as human beings.

Facing fear and confusion by entering our feelings, questions and experiences and sharing the experiences of others.

Addressing our understanding and mythologies about death and spirituality both, and when appropriate, creating new ones.

Creating a foundational understanding about both spirituality and the dying process.

Asking how to include the lessons of death within our spiritual experience.

Cultivating an accessible language for communicating with one another.

Translating complex or historically misunderstood words and concepts.

Exploring how to prepare for death.

Teaching spiritual care for the dying that can include anyone from any background, while simultaneously respecting the diverse religious and secular beliefs of our culture.

Asking how we can offer this care in any setting such as hospitals, personal homes, or spiritual communities.

Honoring the professional background, training and practice of spiritual midwives to the dying.


We are completing work on an our first publications to be released in Winter 2018, in both electronic and print. Please check back for updates.